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Akademia – Educational Management Solution

Akademia –  All-in-one Educational Management Solution


Solution Overview

Akademeia is a comprehensive training management solution that automates all the core business process within any training institution. Akademeia is an all-in-one solution to manage your entire operations like courses scheduling, trainee’s registration, resources management, billing and many more.

Akademeia consists of the following fully integrated core modules:

– Program Management                        – Course Management
– Class Management                               – Registration & Enrollment Management
– Trainee Management                          – Trainers Management
– Course Scheduling                               – Attendance Management
– Wish list Management                         – Contacts Management
– Sales Management                              – Payment Management
– Result Processing & Analyzing           – Reporting

Akademia –  Features & Benefits

Program Management

Set program details, version, courses list, patches, etc.

Course Management

Setup course details, materials, time table, class details, assign trainer, etc.

Class Management

Define class details, type, capacity, availability, etc

Registration & Enrollment

Automate the registration & enrollment process of the learners in any program.

Learners Management

Maintain the personal records of the learners, registered courses, grades, etc.

Trainers Management

Maintain the trainer’s personal records, specialties and their availability.

Course Scheduling

Set the course schedule according to the availability of the class and the trainer.

Attendance Management

Manage and record the learners & trainers attendance in the registered programs.

Contacts Management

Allow the center sales team to record and manage their clients contact details.

Sales Management

Empower the sales team to generate dynamic quotations for selected programs & courses for specific clients.

Wish List Management

Allow the trainees to add existing programs & courses to their wish list or suggest new programs & courses to be offered by the center.

Payment Management

Enable the accounts team to view the payments status, generate invoices and view reports.

Result Processing & Analysis

Allows the trainers to record the trainee’s tests and assignments.

Reports & Analytics

A dynamic reporting module provides schools a point and click ad hoc report generator.


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