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Tawasol – School/ Parents Communication Solution

Tawasol – School/ Parents Communication Solution


Solution Overview

Tawa9ol is an innovative communication and management platform for effective school/ parents interactions. Tawa9ol helps to make a difference schools, teachers and parents. Tawa9ol helps schools maintains closer ties with parents to improve their school loyalty, which in turn will lead to lasting relationships with parents and increase the schools revenues.

Tawa9ol Business Advantages:

  • Simplicity, ease of use & secure.
  • Designed for schools with limited resources and technology infrastructure.
  • Communicate, engage and interact with parents in the mobile generation.
  • Web, email, mobile app and text, all integrated into one system.
  • Low cost, easy setup & unlimited training.

Akademia –  Features & Benefits


The calendar is designed by activity, by class and by child.

Class Teacher Updates

Teachers can easily post assignments, class announcements, and more within minutes and is delivered directly to a parent’s inbox.

Weekly Lessons Plan

The parents will receive a weekly lessons plan for their kids.


Teachers can easily send the home works directly into the inbox of the parents.


The school can easily send messages and notes to parents.

Parent Conference Scheduler

Fully automates the online scheduling process for teachers, administrators and parents. The parent receives email confirmations and automatic reminders.

Incident/ Accident Reports

The school admin create and send reports and track parent acknowledgement as well.

Permission Slips

The school admin can send different types of Permission Slips to parent to fill out online, including Absentee Slips, Tardy Slips and Activity Permission slips for field trips.

RSVP & Sign Up

Helps the teacher create a quick and easy custom RSVP and Sign up form online that is sent to the parents to fill out and respond in a few seconds.

Contact Lists

Allows administrators and teachers to create dynamic Contact Lists for mass outreach at a school level, class level and group level.

Forms & Documents

Easily upload Documents and forms, customized at a class level and at a school level as well as at a Category level for the parent to access.


The newsletter facilitates quick and easy information delivery through an efficient contact list management system.


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