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Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Software Quality Assurance

At ideas, we enforce stringent quality standards across all aspects of your project with a flexible and responsive Agile Quality Assurance (QA) framework that facilitates the continual testing, review and improvement of your software. Applying this iterative approach to every stage of the project lifecycle ensures that all work is thoroughly assessed before approval, enabling potential problems to be tackled as soon as they arise and supporting the delivery of issue-free, high-performance products.


Software Development Workflow

Our tailored development workflow combines a multi-staged deployment pipeline with a Deployment-minded Delivery approach, so that code is subjected to several distinct levels of approval before being released to a live environment. Valuable added security is provided by audit functionality and strict authentications which are incorporated into the workflow along with manual and automated forms of testing.

A Continuous Delivery process allows us to release working software to live as and when required, so you won’t be sacrificing flexibility or speed in exchange for quality, and testing is baked into each stage of the workflow with a Test-Driven Development approach that confirms every line of code meets expectations before it’s added to the build. This is further reinforced by a cutting-edge Continuous Integration setup that checks new additions do not negatively affect existing features and functionality, to safeguard the continued performance, reliability and stability of your product.

Finally, automation techniques, including functional test scripts created by our specialist developers in test, are employed where appropriate to maximise code test coverage while keeping the process as lean and streamlined as possible; delivering the greatest possible benefits for your business while reducing operational overheads and increasing the pace of delivery.


Complete Integration

Quality assurance activities are fully integrated into our development process, rather than being constrained to the final stages of a project, and our multi-skilled QA team applies their extensive experience testing large-scale websites and complex technical services to every build they work on. All projects are assigned a lead tester who sits within the development team to guarantee that QA procedures are being maintained at all times as well as confirming that standards have been met before the product is allowed to move along the deployment pipeline.



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